Our Story

Reverb Universe found its origins in the streets of Karachi on one evening shared between two friends. Ideas were discussed over a warm cup of tea, designs were brainstormed amidst bites of parathas, and from that, a wondrous creation was born. Since then, we have been committed in our quest to provide our customers with high-quality apparel that exceeds in its design and innovation and constantly evolves to suit the fashion trends of today.

The basis of our idea revolved around our desire to present our future customers with the option of choosing between basic wear and a range of graphic designs. So, whether your mood is to go with a simple, clean look or you find that graphics fit your personality best, Reverb has it all. With Reverb Universe, you can choose between a variety of different colours in basic wear - ranging to more than ten colours, or you can sift through a collection of different designs in our graphic wear collection. Because much like its name, Reverb Universe seeks to enhance ordinary clothes and propel them to create an extraordinary experience.

Our mission has ensured that our customers gain a worthwhile and comfortable experience. We strive to be better and to never disappoint. Our helplines are always open for any customer complaint, suggestion, collaboration, or request. We are open and willing to do what it takes to create a memorable customer experience that leaves you satisfied and coming back for more!